Lékaři naši kliniky se průběžně a systematicky vzdělávají. Pravidelně se účastníme zahraničních školení, kongresů a konferencí, takže jsme Vám schopni nabídnout prevenci i léčbu, která sleduje nejmodernější přístupy v oboru. Naší snahou je udržování nejnovějších poznatků v kombinaci s individuálním přístupem.

For pre-registered patients
Monday - Thursday: 8.00 - 14.00.
Friday: 14:30 - 20:00.
Examinations after office hours, EVENING - FOR REGISTERED PATIENTS BY APPOINTMENT. Treatment after hours, on Saturdays, On Sundays and public holidays by phone by appointment
Write to us
Without us and our fellow dentists, you might perceive the world around you differently, without smiling. Without you, our patients, we would not be able to offer our services and engage in quality medicine that we like and enjoy. A patient who walks away happy after months or years of suffering and worrying about their teeth is the real reward for our work. Therefore, we are so glad when you contact us after solving the problem, when you come again, not just for inspection. Your potential criticism, again, is very useful for our future work. Therefore, please, if you want to leave feedback on the course of the examination or treatment, on the results of the procedure, on the organization of care at our workplace, if you have comments, ideas, suggestions on what can be improved or done differently, please share it with us. Thank you for your time and for your words, which can give courage to other people who have doubts about the treatment.

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