Most of the procedures are not covered by state insurance companies because we do not want to be limited in the quality of the materials and technologies used.
We have a simple rule in the dental office that makes our job easier - we just always use the best equipment and materials. Cooperation with insurance companies does not allow this. We will have to make many concessions and use materials, technologies and procedures that are reimbursed by insurance companies. But we want more for you. And we believe you are too.


every patient is with us at the entrance the examiner will receive free financial and treatment plan.
Initial examination, consultation and preparation of a treatment plan without health insurance in the Czech Republic 800 Kc

Preventive examination once a year

Compensates ZP / 90 Kc
X-ray examination Compensates ZP / 90 Kc
Local anesthesia used in oral hygiene Compensates ZP / 320 Kc
Carpula for additional anesthesia Compensates ZP / 90 Kc
Local infiltration anesthesia Compensates ZP / 280 Kc

Compensation for cancellation of accommodation without good reason at least 24 hours before the appointed time

750 Kc
Extract from medical records, medical report


Indemnifies ZP / 200 Kc
Additional fee for organizing unscheduled treatment 680 Kc
Supplement for treatment on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, outside working hours 1100 Kc
Night treatment (23:00-7:00) (23:00-7:00) 2800 Kc
Restorative dentistry
Photocomposite filling - 1 surface 1900 Kc
Photocomposite filling - 2 surfaces 2640 Kc
Filling with photocomposite - 3 surfaces 3200 Kc
Composite bevel 7500 Kc
Endodontic treatment of 1 root canal from 2600 Kc
Removal of a temporary tooth (piezoextraction, operating kit) 600 Kc
Extraction of a permanent tooth (piezoextraction, surgical kit) FROM 870 Kc
Wisdom tooth extraction (piezoextraction, surgical kit) 3200 Kc
Plastic surgery of soft tissues (1 quadrant) 2300 Kc
Bone grafting FROM 9000 Kc
Implant placement OKTAGON (Germany) 14500 Kc
Open sinus lift (1 jaw) 15000-19800 Kc
Free printing  
Production of training models 1340 Kc
All-ceramic crown 11800 Kc
Zirconium implant crown + abutment 15600 Kc
Tooth finishing for a crown 2850 Kc
Aesthetic ceramic facet 13400 Kc
Silicone gasket for removable plastic replacement (rebond) 1800 Kc
Immediate replacement (installation immediately after tooth extraction) 12000 Kc
Removable replacement Deflex (produced within 14 days) 16000 Kc
Dental hygiene
Dental hygiene 1650 Kc
Teeth whitening (it is not necessary to follow the so-called white diet, it is suitable also for smokers) 16500 Kc

is legal and our special extended warranties. Are you interested in what legal guarantees apply in dentistry? We also provide you with an extended 5 year warranty on implants.

Official guarantee for dental products
As of February 23, 2011, the statutory warranty period for custom-made dental products is 24 months from the date the product is accepted by the patient. (For example: prosthetics - prostheses, bridges, crowns, etc.) Proof of payment for the cost of a dental product is a warranty card.

Warranty coverage
The dentist is responsible to the patient for defects in the product that occur during the warranty period. A defect is a condition of a product whereby the product does not have the agreed, described, expected properties or normal properties, or does not comply with legal regulations or the purpose for which it was manufactured.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by misuse of the product by the patient, defects that are otherwise caused by the patient or external circumstances (injury, violence, inappropriate chemicals, drugs, unnatural or extreme physical activity - biting stones, glass, bones, opening bottles teeth, shortening threads, fishing lines, etc.).

Contents of the warranty
If it is a defect that can be corrected, the patient is entitled to have it repaired free of charge and properly. If such a procedure is not possible, the patient may request a reasonable discount or terminate the contract.

If it is a defect that cannot be repaired and which prevents proper use, the patient has the right to demand a replacement, i.e. a new product, or withdraw from the contract.

Warranty Statement
A patient in the ConfiDental dental practice can exercise his rights for liability for product defects with the doctor who handed over the product to him during the warranty period.

Extended Implant Warranty
Dental practice ConfiDental provides an extended 5-year warranty for implants installed in our clinic.
If the implant wears out within five years of installation, we will install a new implant free of charge. This is valid if the patient agrees to the terms of the extended warranty and confirms their agreement by signing the "Acknowledgement of Liability". The warranty certificate is proof of payment for the implant and prosthesis.

Extended Warranty Terms

  • The prosthesis was installed on an implant installed in our dental clinic ConfiDental.
    The guarantee cannot be applied if the implant installed by us has been fitted with prostheses manufactured and installed in another clinic.
  • Patients registered with the ConfiDental dental practice will have regular implant checkups as part of the bi-annual preventive checkups. Foreign patients will undergo implant examinations at the same frequency twice a year.
  • Precise oral hygiene throughout the warranty period

Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • Damage to the implant as a result of an accident, defects caused by incorrect or inappropriate use of the product (biting stones, glass, bones, etc.), defects caused by changes in the patient's health
  • Functional defects or healing of the implant caused by excessive loading of the implant, untreated changes in the mucosa or teeth around the implant (eg, gingivitis, periodontitis)
  • Intervention by a third party - a dentist or dental hygienist at someone else's workplace (new prosthetic product, damage to the surrounding bone during resection of an adjacent tooth, damage to the gums around the implant, etc.)
  • The case when the patient does not bring and does not return the removed implant.
  • A patient who concealed in the medical record that he/she smokes or started smoking after the implant was placed during the warranty period.
Our dental institution has contracts with some Czech health insurance companies.
For pre-registered patients
Monday - Thursday: 8.00 - 14.00.
Friday: 14:30 - 20:00.
Examinations after office hours, EVENING - FOR REGISTERED PATIENTS BY APPOINTMENT. Treatment after hours, on Saturdays, On Sundays and public holidays by phone by appointment
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